NEW - Observ 520x

The Observ 520x is made with today’s beauty practitioner in mind. The beauty practitioner who is eager to boost their business!

With Observ 520x you:

  • Enhance every aesthetic consultation
  • Will be recognized by your client service excellence
  • Create ‘skin awareness’ with unbiased proof
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Increase cross-selling
  • Differentiate your aesthetic practice from the competition
  • Have before & after photos for expectation management, illustration of aesthetic procedures and marketing

Observ 520x - Convert aesthetic skin consults to treatments & cross-sell products

Use your space to the max. The OBSERV® 520x is lightweight and easy to install. Developed to convert aesthetic consultations into loyal client experiences.

Observ 520x - Skin analysis for experts

Skin analysis is indissolubly linked to professional skin improvement and is the first step to a perfect skin.

Today there is OBSERV 520x, the latest innovation in skin appearance analysis.